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I will try it: Seriously, I don't know what I did with myself before I discovered double stick tape. I'm going to make these!

Now all I need is the tape! My kids love making snowflakes, I think this year we will be making snowballs!

Once again, you have a darling idea! Can't wait to try it. Thanks for sharing it with us. I love love love this idea!!!

I plan on making tons of them!!! Hurrah for free tape! Love all the Christmas decorations. I've been using a similar color palette for my decor that past 2 years, thanks for more inspiration!

What a cute idea! Your home is beautifully decorated, and this adds another nice touch of white. Love the candlesticks too. I am loving all the white!

I can always use more tape and what a great time for this giveaway!!! These are so dainty and clean ha.. They would be a great addition on my mantle!

I look at your blog just about every day and it makes me so excited to decorate our new home: I am so glad I am not the only gearing up for Christmas!

Beautiful - I'm so glad I'm not the only one gearing up for Christmas! I think you might want to know a beautiful edition to this type of flower is to rim the edges with markers and mist them with water.

You can also line the edges with water soluable marker and dip the paper into water and hang it dry before folding.

It also works to dip the napkin in food colored water. I have always wanted to know how those cute snowballs are made! I can't wait to hang a bunch from our ceiling: Those are beautiful, thanks for sharing!

I can definitely use double sided tape for my holiday projects. I've always wanted to work with double sided tape but have been too cheap to actually purchase some.

Now all I have to do is WIN!!!! I just wanted to let you know that I'm going to featuring these amazing snowballs on my blog this weekend!

Keep an eye out for the post Saturday morning! I've never used double sided tape before - pretty weird, huh?

I'm loving these flowers, so cute, easy and inexpensive You have a zillion comments, but I also wanted to say what a great project!

These are so cute and doable!! Great idea and nice presentation. I am off to make these now oops, no double tape. Too bad, these are too cute to resist.

Love this so much!! I'm featuring it on my blog this week. One of my favorite flowers. Thank you, for sharing your creativity.

I love the contrast of the white and silver. I love everything about it! Thank you for taking the time to leave your thoughts and comments.

We truly love and appreciate each one! I'm Shelley Smith - and I'm so glad you're here! I'm a recently single Momma to three pre-teen girls, and a lover of anything home decor and beauty related.

The House of Smiths is my own little part of the internet that allows me to share and document all of the life that happens under our roof!

Feel free to look around - friends are always welcome here! Enter your email address: Open up 4 napkins, all the way, so it looks like the napkin on the right.

Next, you are going to just take some scissors and scallop the edges, like so. It doesn't have to be perfect, but just more, rounded. Now take each set of scalloped napkins After you get to this point, it's all pullin' and fluffin' from here: Hold onto the wire base If you get big gaps, like this, below Just take the piece of napkin that you want to manipulate This will help your napkin STAY fluffed the way you want it too.

I also used the scotch double sided tape to keep my "snowballs" from falling off their candlesticks, because they are really light. Just place a few strips to the base of each candle stick, and then lightly set the napkin ball on top.

Things to keep in mind: Try not to pull them too hard, when separating the layers. Some napkins have more "internal layers" then others.

I used most of my double stick tape at the base of the layers These are a really fun way to add some "fancy and fluff" to your Christmas decor, for only a few bucks!

You can try some out on this fun idea, or use it for any OTHER crafts you have going on, during this crafty holiday season! Posted by House of Smiths.

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